Wooly Board


As far as I can tell, Wooly Boards developed in Shetland. They are sweater-shaped frames on which you can dry your drop-shouldered or square-armhole garments. Knitting almost always will benefit from drying under tension, and the woolly board will provide this.

UPDATE: I have just learned that this item is now discontinued. You can order directly from Lacis (https://lacis.com/catalog) and put in the search bar “wooly board”. They have a few more in their warehouse and will ship directly to you.

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These wooly (also woolly) boards, also referred to as “jumper” boards, are made of hardwood. The chest dimensions are adjustable from 12″ to 62″.  The armhole depth is also adjustable, as is an optional neckband stretcher. The hardware is stainless steel. Manufactured by Lacis in Berkeley, CA, the wooly board come apart for storage.  There are printed directions for assembly, but I made a video (below) to clarify the process. Sorry, but the sweater doesn’t come with the woolly board.  🙂

NOTE:  Due to the size of the woolly board, shipping is UPS Ground and costs around $30.00 to $40.00 for the West coast, less for the East coast and MidWest.  It is not shipped outside the continental US.

Watch the video here which explains how to assemble the wooly board.


Additional information

Weight 150 oz
Dimensions 44 × 8 × 2 in