My Favorite Links

Help with Designing

Generate graph paper based on YOUR gauge: This is a Japanese website, but there is enough English on it to find your way.  Knit, block, and measure your swatch, enter your stitch and row gauge over 10 cm on this page, and the size you want the graph to be.  “1/1″ is full-size, perfect for charting a mitten on an 8 1/2″ x 11” paper. You can even adjust the thickness of the lines making up the grid.

Calculate the yardage needed for a gansey

The All-Thumbs  Provisional Cast-on by Ann Turley Dreith (2talltx on Ravelry) (with photos and explanations)!



In the US

Nordic Heritage Museum, Ballard, WA: Everyday objects and artifacts from Norwegian immigrants

Vesterheim, Decorah, IA: Everyday objects and artifacts from Norwegian immigrants, workshops

The Burke Museum, University of Washington, Seattle, WA: Coast Salish artifacts, baskets, blankets


In Europe

Setesdal Museet, Rysstad, Norway. Wonderful examples of old knitting.

Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo, Norway (There is an option on the home page for English) World-class folk costume exhibits.

Sanquhar Tolbooth Museum in Scotland (Sanquhar, UK) A sweet museum that includes a collection of Sanquhar gloves.

Dumfries and Galloway Museums in Scotland. (Dumfries, UK) Sanquhar gloves, knitting tools, and so much more!  Be sure to check out the world’s oldest example of Camera Obscura!

Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK.   Absolutely must not be missed!


Tradition-Specific Links


The Moray Firth Gansey Project, UK

Knitting the Herring Project, UK

The Cordova Gansey Project, Alaska

• Norfolk Gansey Patterns (Sheringham)



Removing Stains From Clothing and Fabric–This comprehensive list of remedies for removing stains comes from the blog on, a fashion website. Worth downloading!  Suggested by Lily, a student at the North Mountain Institute in Arizona–one of the few schools still teaching Home Economics!  Thanks, Lily!

Gansey Nation– This wonderful blog has been around for a long time, written by Gordon Reid, with his wife Margaret.  They live in Wick, Scotland, and focus on historic ganseys, knitting them, discussing them, and adding other photos.  Delightful!

Knit British– Support wool grown, spun, or dyed in the UK

Kate Davies– Designer of lovely Fair Isle garments

Knit like Granny  This website lists knitting events, yarns, tutorials, needles and more!

Murphy of Ireland– Online retailers of Donegal Tweed.  Check out the charming videos on their website.

Upton Yarns– Sarah Lake blogs about vegetal dyeing her delicious locally sourced wool yarns (when she’s home), as well as documenting her life and times as a sailor at sea.

Crochet in The Car– Here is a wonderful resource for crocheters-links to information categorized and relevant to crochet basics, beginning, intermediate, and advanced crocheters.  Many thanks to Jill Matthews and her granddaughter Nicole for bringing this to my attention!

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Knitting– This website has videos, explanations, and nice photos for the beginning knitter, as well as resource links and ideas for expanding your connections in the knitting world.


Yarn Companies

Brooklyn Tweed– the multi-talented Jared Flood has created a company sourcing wool from the US, dyed and spun here as well.  His photography and designs from a variety of designers is inspiring.

Frangipani– Located in Cornwall in the UK, Jan and Russ Stanland have created a full line of 5-ply Guernsey yarns in the largest range of colors ever!– Retail sales of many types of yarn, including traditional gansey yarns.

Kelbourne Woolens– Two young women in the Philadelphia area created this thriving company in 2008. They are GOTS certified and uphold living wage standards for all their employees.  I am especially thrilled that they have resurrected Germantown yarn, an old favorite from decades ago.

Meian– Tanrallt is a third-generation family farm where this 5-ply guernsey yarn began, in North Wales. Lovely colors, and a softer feel.

The Yarn Guys– Jeffrey and Dennis created this company, importing and distributing Rauma Yarns from Norway. I love and kit up the Strikkegarn and Finullgarn yarns.