Comments from my students and customers…


“I also wanted to thank you again for your gansey class last year. It was the best of all the classes I took, and I knit the sample again when I got home.  I imagine you know what marvelous skill you have as a teacher, and you certainly instilled the requisite directions and techniques in me – but there is more. In your class, I discovered something more mystical: some sort of essence or magic that seems to be at the core of knitterly pursuits.  I felt it first coming from you, and now, happily, I sense a bit of it myself. It’s fleeting and gossamer, as shy as a shadow, and difficult to capture with words. Different than the simple calm one often experiences when one knits, it is a deeper and richer sense of purity, serenity, proficiency and peace being carried within the creation of the fabric.” -Jessica L.

“Beth Brown-Reinsel is a remarkable knitting teacher.  Her workshops are structured around a specific traditional garment.  Students are lead through the process by actually knitting a small doll-size garment, so each technique is learned in context.  Her deep historical and technical knowledge make her classes an immersive experience in the evolution and culture of knitting.  Her teaching style is warm, gentle and practical.  She instantly calibrates to each knitter’s level, which makes the techniques accessible and easy.” – Susan A.



“I’ve seen [your Yummy Mitten] pattern for years. I always thought, looking at the photo on this pattern, these look so simple and straightforward, why do I need a pattern, etc. But I bought it because obviously you thought of it, not me. I would NEVER have done them as well as they turned out following your pattern. The things you thought of that I wouldn’t have…! I’d have had to rip numerous times. And so many writers who say “clearly written pattern” mean that the pattern is so over-written, it’s more confusing than if they said nothing at all. Yours is exactly the opposite: just what I needed to know, nothing more, clear as a bell. Way to go!!!!” –Kitty D.

“I had never made an authentic gansey before, but I was craving a challenge, and so chose At Sea. This pattern has it all—it’s challenging and involves lots of different stitch patterns, so knitting it is never boring.  I loved your attention to detail–the cabled seam stitches, the neck gussets, and the very gradual slope to the underarm gussets, which prevents them from bulging unattractively.  The stitch patterns are many and varied, yet somehow hang together harmoniously.  The overall effect is stunning. Thanks for creating this tremendous pattern.”–Janet P.