I’m HOME! Wales and Cornwall were wonderful!

I got home from the UK on May 2 and I think I slept for a week. We did so much, saw so many things over there.  I never knew Wales was SO lovely.  There are rolling hills (like central Maryland) but not like in Wales. Deep valleys are squeezed in between peaks, with white […]

I am SO Excited: WALES!

In less than two weeks I will be on my way to England to meet my group of knitters.  We will travel by coach to Wales, visiting a sheep farm, gardens, museums, a castle, a gorgeous cathedral, and more.  Then we will continue on to Cornwall, going by Plymouth where our ancestors started out on […]

Fun at Red Alder!

Last week I taught at Red Alder Fiber Retreat in Tacoma, WA.  My students were so enthusiastic and grateful to be at a fiber conference again.  I know the feeling!  My 2-day class on the Icelandic Lopapeysa (the lopi sweater) was such fun.  Take a look at the photos I took of my class and […]

A New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I am looking forward to exploring new ways of sharing knitting information through my Patreon Project.  I will be discussing my process of designing, starting with a Lopi cardigan this winter. Photos from my many travels will be another way to inspire as we see other parts of the world.  I […]

New Pattern: Karneval Gloves

I finished up my pattern inspired by Estonian Roositud gloves: Karneval. All the little bits of color in these gloves remind me of the fabulous parades and celebrations in New Orleans for Mardis Gras and Karneval in Rio de Janeiro, as well as in Germany and Spain and more!  This pattern will teach you the […]

At Sea is Now Available!

This gansey pattern was originally published in the fabulous book Knitting In America,  by Melanie Falick.  It is now available in FIVE  sizes (the original had three sizes) with updated charts.  You can learn more about it, and purchase it, here.

Ice Cave- Inspired by Estonian Roositud Gloves

My newest pattern, Ice Cave, is available in The Knitting Guild Association’s (TKGA) Cast-on magazine, the Winter 2021 issue.   You must be a member of TKGA to access this magazine, which also has lots of other patterns and technical articles.  Roosimine (the technique of creating Roositud items) is a fun technique for adding color […]

Crimson Maples Fair Isle Gloves Newly Released!

Finally, I am able to offer my newest pattern, Crimson Maples for sale!  This glove pattern is written for three sizes.  Learn more about these lovely gloves, originally published in TKGA’s Cast-On Magazine, on this page.

Announcing: Newhaven!!!

Newhaven is my gansey that appeared in my first book and the second as well.  Now I am releasing it as a stand-alone pattern. This gansey is patterned horizontally which means it is easier to knit, having only one motif to contend with at a time.  There are two options for the neckband: a rolled […]

Join my Patreon Project!

Over the three years that I have been posting on my Patreon project, I have covered historic knitting,  highlights of my travels to China and the UK, created videos of technique and sent copies of my patterns to my patrons. Through February and March, I discussed the wonderful Swedish sweaters from the Halland district that were knitted for pay for a known customer in the late 1800s to early 1900s. In the past month, I have delved deeper into the construction of the Scottish Sanquhar gloves.

A New Class: Unique Latvian Cuffs

 I have just completed writing a new class and handout focused on some of the beautiful Latvian Cuff methods not regularly seen in today’s mittens.  IN this class, students will create three edges: the Twisted Garter Edge, the Scalloped Edge, and the Diagonal Boxes Cuff.  They all require three colors.  As one cuff is practiced, […]

A New Pattern: Humber Mittens

The Humber Star was a popular feature on some of the ganseys worn on the inland waterways of England in the nineteenth century. I wanted to include this iconic motif in these mittens, using the classic Norwegian Selbu Mittens as a template. Rather than using two colors, as Norwegian mittens are traditionally worked, this mitten uses knits and purls to create a textured design. The pattern is written for three sizes and full charts are given for each size.

A New Pattern: Mallaig Socks

Recently released is my pattern, Mallaig Socks: a worsted weight boot sock pattern in three sizes.  The cuff is made of a herringbone motif while diamonds decorate the back and front of the socks.  It comes in three sizes: Woman’s Medium (Woman’s Large/Man’s Small, Man’s Large).

Many New Patterns are Coming!

When I wrote the second edition of Knitting Gansey, I designed six accessories to be included in the book.  Due to an unfortunate lack of space, they were cut from the book.  Interweave made a PDF of these designs to sell, but as F&W Media went into bankruptcy, this PDF disappeared.  I wrote, and I […]

Life in the New Reality

Spring is arriving here in Vermont.  The maple tree outside my window is leafing out, and the grass is turning green.  And yet, most of us are still indoors, trying to cope, and stay busy.  I think knitters have a definite advantage during this time.  We can all dive into our stashes to make something soothing, beautiful, or useful.