I’m HOME! Wales and Cornwall were wonderful!

I got home from the UK on May 2 and I think I slept for a week. We did so much, saw so many things over there.  I never knew Wales was SO lovely.  There are rolling hills (like central Maryland) but not like in Wales. Deep valleys are squeezed in between peaks, with white dots of sheep all over the hills. So many lambs, twins and triplets joyfully jumped around, but ran to their moms when our big noisy bus roared by.

I had a birthday while I was there, along with Kris, one of the knitters on the trip. Meinir, my friend who runs the sheep farm we visited, had a cake made for us, and it was SO delicious.  After the whole group sang Happy Birthday to Kris and me, Meinir and her husband sang me the Welsh version! I was so touched!  We saw plenty of castles, mansions, Welsh cakes (like soft cookies), gardens, and we went to WonderWool: the Welsh version of Rhinebeck and Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.

I’ll be posting more about the trip on my Patreon page and maybe on YouTube too. I feel so glad I did this tour.  I look forward to another fascinating tour, maybe next year!