Workshop Calendar

2024 Knitting Traditions Workshops

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19-22  WEBS Fall Knitting Retreat, Amherst, Mass. Check out their brochure online to learn all about this fun event!  I’ll be teaching Arans from the Top Down and the Icelandic Lopi Pullover.



24-27   Beth’s Autumn Vermont Retreat: The Estonian Kihnu Socks.  You can view more information on this page.

31- Nov. 3   TKGA Retreat, Minneapolis, MN.  Come enjoy this retreat with me and Faina Goberstein as the two teachers.  We’ll both teach a few classes, 6 hours on Friday and 3 hours each on Saturday and Sunday.  There will be a welcome banquet dinner, all meals (not Saturday dinner) included, and an off-site event at Blue Sky Fibers, which will all be held near the Mall of America.  Late-knit knitting is included as well! Let the fun begin! Register here!


2025 Knitting Traditions Workshops


7-9 The Bazaar Girls, Port Townsend, WA.  I will be teaching Cowichan-Inspired Cardigans. You can get more info and even register here!

13-16     TBA



25- October 7     Come join our group of knitters to explore the north of Italy, Milan, and Venice a day trip to Switzerland, a cooking class, and of course a knitting class and project!   More info in July!