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2024 Knitting Traditions Workshops

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1-30    My BIG Birthday Month! Where shall I go? (I am taking the month off!)



4    Six Loose Ladies, Vermont: Latvian Mittens
16-19     Beth’s Spring Vermont Retreat: The Danish Skrå-trøje.  You can view more information on this page.



11-16 The Bad-Ass Knitters visit Brattleboro!  Look out!  🙂

22-24 The Yarn Barn, Lawrence Kansas. I’ll be teaching the Cowichan-Inspired Cardigan and Latvian Fingerless Mitts. To register visit this website: Beth’s workshops at Yarn Barn

29-30  TBA



19-22  TBA

25- October 7     Come join our group of knitters to explore the north of Italy, Milan, and Venice a day trip to Switzerland, a cooking class, and of course a knitting class and project!   Go to this page and download,  print, and fill out the booking form. The itinerary is laid out for you there, but you can also download the brochure.



24-27   Beth’s Autumn Vermont Retreat: The Estonian Kihnu Socks.  You can view more information on this page.

31- Nov. 3   TBA


15-17   The Bazaar Girls, Port Townsend, WA.  I will be teaching Latvian Mittens, an Estonian Roosamine Mitt, and Twined Fingerless Mitts.  You can get more info and even register here!

2025 Knitting Traditions Workshops


13-16     TBA