Host A Workshop With Beth

What’s being said about Beth’s workshops:

“Beth’s teaching skills, workshop presentation and subject knowledge are the reason the Dallas Hand Knitters Guild have taken ALL of her workshops over a 20 year period. (Some more than once!) She is our #1 requested workshop instructor by our Guild members.” –Sheryl Dial, Education Officer, Dallas Hand Knitters Guild

“Beth Brown-Reinsel has taught for several years here at WEBS, America’s Yarn Store. I can count on her classes filling quickly and on her amazingly patient teaching demeanor with our students. Beth’s classes fill a void in our store, where traditional folk techniques and garments don’t regularly appear on our class schedules. Beth’s students have nothing but praise for the way she breaks down those techniques and makes them readily accessible to any knitter. She is a true treasure.” – Amy Greeman, Director of Education, WEBS

“At the end of a weekend event with Beth, our customers are already asking about when she’ll be coming back. They appreciate her gentle but thorough teaching style and attentiveness to each student. She has created a following at our shop that makes it easy for us to fill her classes with students.” –Paula Strietelmeier, Owner of Sheep’s Clothing


Classes range from three hours to five days in length and are noted for their clarity and organization. Most of the classes include the knitting of a miniature historic garment so that the techniques are learned within the context of a sweater or mitten rather than a swatch. Design is emphasized in most of the classes with discussion, schematics, and worksheets which enable the knitter to continue a project outside of the classroom environment.

There is a minimum of 12 hours (2 days) of teaching. For optimum attention to students, class size must be limited to 20 people. Information about fees will be sent on request.

A workshop agreement will be sent to you once you have selected the dates and class(es) you wish. (See downloadable PDF below.) A deposit is required. Confirmed workshops will be listed on my workshop schedule.

Please note: 12 hour classes, though longer, are better paced for a wide variety of skill levels.  Those classes which have 6 hour alternatives should be undertaken by knitters who are able to work quickly and are more experienced.
Teaching Equipment Required

  • Viewing screen and AV cart.  (I can bring my projector if you are unable to procure one.)
  • Flip chart and markers, or other writing system
  • Drinking water for students and instructor
  • Three long tables for displaying books, samples, patterns, etc.
  • Student name tags are very appreciated
  • Some classes require a slide projector, extension cords, and viewing screen, or sewing machines, ironing board, and steam iron

If you would like to host a workshop, please write for teaching fees and available dates.

Learn More About Beth Brown-Reinsel

For more information about her teaching, contact Beth: BethATKnittingTraditions DOTcom


Student comments:

“I also wanted to thank you again for your gansey class last year. It was the best of all the classes I took, and I knit the sample again when I got home.  I imagine you know what marvelous skill you have as a teacher, and you certainly instilled the requisite directions and techniques in me – but there is more. In your class, I discovered something more mystical: some sort of essence or magic that seems to be at the core of knitterly pursuits.  I felt it first coming from you, and now, happily, I sense a bit of it myself. It’s fleeting and gossamer, as shy as a shadow, and difficult to capture with words. Different than the simple calm one often experiences when one knits, it is a deeper and richer sense of purity, serenity, proficiency and peace being carried within the creation of the fabric.” -Jessica L.