What’s ahead for February 2024!

Four Baltic Fringer

In 2017, I was invited to teach all over New Zealand for two months.  I am thrilled to be going back again in February on a cruise ship. (I hope I’ll have time to look up some friends I made on my first trip.)  The ship will also visit Australia and Tasmania.  I hope to see a lot of animals and birds.

In fact, I will start with a little vacation–a 12-day cruise with no teaching. WOW! Reading by the pool…  2023 has been a very busy year and I thought what I needed was some R&R! It’s lucky these two cruises are back to back.  I’ll be teaching several classes during the second cruise: Baltic Fringes, Traditional Beginnings (cast-ons), the Norwegian Purl, the Cowichan-Inspired Pullover, Estonian Roosimine Wristers, Fair Isle Tams, and Swedish Twined Mittens. SO I’ll be gone about a month mo the other side of the world! If you are interested, go to CraftCruises.com to learn more!


The photo shows different classes I’ll be teaching: Baltic fringes (above), Cowichan-inspired pullovers, Traditional Beginnings, Norwegian Purl, Fair Isle Tams, Swedish Twined Mittens:

Cowichan-inspired pullovers

The Norwegian Purl



Fair Isle Tams

Twined Mittens



Traditional Beginnings

Traditional Beginnings