Summer is Winding Down…

I’m still working on this beautiful design by Margaret Klein WIlson, who also hand-dyed the luxurious yarn. Sadly, her yarns are no longer available.

Around mid-August, I notice that the crickets chirping at night are louder and more numerous.  To me, this is the sign that autumn is on the way.  I am looking forward to the crisp evenings and cooler days ahead. The really ambitious deciduous trees are just beginning to fade, showing a hint of red or yellow along the I-91 corridor, while the conifers remain steadfast in their dark green.  New England is the place to be at this time of year!

While plans are being made by out-of-staters to book bus rides through Vermont to “leaf peep”, I am cozy in my apartment, thinking about the bread I’ll bake, the soups I’ll concoct, and the sweaters I will bring out soon that have been lovingly wrapped and tucked away during the hotter months.  In autumn especially, I live a “hygge” existence.  (“Hygge” is a Norwegian word that the Danish have taken and developed into a lifestyle.  “Cozy” could be a synonym, but the Danish concept is much larger than that. There are several books available on the subject.)

Best of all, for many, this season ushers in the deep urge to knit. Wool takes on an irresistible quality, that it doesn’t have in the heat of summer.  I take notice of baskets of yarn that have been around the house all year, but now it finally occurs to me that finishing that particular project is a really good idea!

We knitters come into a new rendition of this phase each and every year. It is our time: The Time of Wool.

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