Breed Specific Yarns

Being a handspinner, I have a special affection for yarns created from a specific breed of sheep.  Deepen your knowledge of our sheep friends by working with these wonderful yarns.  I am listing only manufactured yarns, so consequently, many breeds are not represented here.  You can always go to for handspun yarns.  There you will find a wider variety of breed specific yarns  offered.   I suggest Clara Parkes‘ book The Knitters Book of Wool for more information on the various breeds of sheep out there.   Let me know if you find any commercially spun breed-specific yarns not listed here.

In the UK:

Breed specific yarns for Arans and Ganseys and more!

Wensleydale, Blueface Leicester, Suffolk, Herdwick, Jacob, Manx Loaghtan, Swaledale, Wensleydale, and traditional guernsey yarn in 11 colors!  This is the yarn formerly known as Creskeld that I used to carry when I had my online store.

This company is located in Wales. I have heard from a knitter friend that their service is excellent and the yarns are lovely.  They carry both fleece and yarns.  The breeds they carry are: Balwen, Black Mountain Welsh, Blue Face Leicester, Cotswold, Castlemilk Moorit, Grey Faced Dartmoor, Hebridean, Herdwick, Jacob, Leicester Longwool, Manx Loghtan, Poll Dorset, Portland, Ryeland, Colored Ryeland, Shetland, and Shetland Cheviot.  The yarn page is here.

You can purchase Hebridean yarn and fleeces, and knitted garments here.  Knitting classes are also available for all levels.  Here is their email address:

 In the US:

  • Flying Fibers has Wensleydale Longwool in yummy colors. They are located in PA but you can call them:  717.898.8020.
  • Solitude Wool (VA) Lovely website, beautiful yarns: Targhee, Romney, Tunis, Corriedale, Shropshire, Karakul, Icelandic, Leicester, Suffolk/Dorset and more!

Online Sources

The following sites offer breed specific yarns.  I have divided them into categories: Fine, Medium, Down, Long, and Dual (Primitive) fleece qualities.






These are sheep breeds which still retain both a wool and a hair.  They are less soft but very hardy, long-wearing yarns.


Buffalo: The Buffalo Wool Company– Pure buffalo down yarns, yarns of buffalo and silk or buffalo and merino,  fibers to spin, and more!
Mink Yarn:  Great Northern-pure mink, or mixed with silk, cashmere, camel, and other yummy fibers