Color Stranded Knitting Techniques DVD (Digital)


This digital download is the most comprehensive study of color stranded knitting available.  This DVD, 145 minutes in length, will teach you to strand two colors in three styles: English (holding the yarns in your right hand), Continental (holding the yarns in your left hand), and Two-Handed (one yarn in each hand)…on the right AND wrong sides of the work!

Here are directions for how to download this DVD.


In addition, the Norwegian Purl is included–a technique that allows the knitter to keep the yarn in back of the work at all times, while working on the right side. The issue of Yarn Dominance is discussed, before the DVD continues with weaving (also known as trapping or catching the yarns on the back).  Working with three and four colors is also described.

The hard copy DVD has been sold out, but can still be purchased digitally to download to your tablet or computer through  (Click the “Buy Product” button to be taken to the Gumroad page.) The footage has been split into three downloadable files for continuous viewing: English, Continental, and Two-Handed. There are also files to print out:

• The handout and chart for knitting the little sampler pillow to practice the skills

• The pattern “Fair Isle Bag” that will also help you practice the skills learned. You can also purchase the kit of the bag here.

Buy the Digital Copy

Here are directions for how to download this DVD.

Some satisfied customers say:
“I have this DVD and it is the best.  Great instructions, awesome, easy to follow.  I have recommended it to several friends and they have purchased it and are now knitting in color, which they said they would never do.  Great DVD.” -Karen H.

“I’ve used your DVD… and am totally impressed with its ‘completeness’.  It covered everything I wanted to know in all methods and was well-organized so that I could find and review anything I needed to practice. Well done …and thank you!!! “ – Joan J.

“Your stranded knitting DVD is fantastic. I am acquainted with many of the techniques but am learning others. Love the section on yarn dominance! I am 68 years old and the light bulb just went on even though I consistently stranded the colors. The DVD is well worth the money.”– (another) Karen H”