Norwegian Purl

Time: 3 hours Level:  All.  (It is helpful to have the ability to knit Continental–working yarn in the left hand–but it is not mandatory.) The Norwegian Purl, a variation of the conventional Continental purl, is noted for its superior tension control, and ease of execution. The yarn always stays behind the work, making ribbing a […]

Norwegian Setesdal Lusekofte

Time: 12 hours Level: Intermediate  (Experience with double pointed needles and sewing skills are helpful.) The beautiful, classic Setesdal Lusekofte, or lice jacket, emerged during the early 19th century. This garment is characterized by white ribbing and lower body, turning into black background on the upper body with white patterning. It is named “lice” for […]

Norwegian Fana Cardigan

Time: 12 hours Level: Intermediate to advanced  (Experience with double pointed needles and machine sewing is helpful.) The classic details and traditional construction of the Norwegian Fana Cardigan sweaters will be taught in this two-day workshop through the knitting of a small sweater. Techniques to be learned include circularly knitted body and sleeves, square and drop shoulder […]

Norwegian Mittens

Time: 6 hours Level: Intermediate (must be proficient with dp needles) Students will learn Norwegian mitten construction, knitting a mitten in two colors on double pointed needles. Techniques to be covered include the striped, ribbed cuff, the Norwegian thumb gusset, seam stitches, different patterning for the front and palm, and the pointed tip shaping at […]