Introduction to Twined Knitting

Twined, or two-end, knitting is an unusual method of knitting that produces a very warm, firmly elastic fabric and motifs not possible in any other type of knitting.

Textured Twined Socks

Students will learn the Swedish technique of tvåänstickning, or twined knitting, by knitting a small sock, using worsted weight yarn. Twined knitting is worked with two yarns of the same color, twined around each other, and creates a warmer, denser fabric than conventional stranded knitting. The sock is worked circularly on double pointed needles and includes […]

Color Twined Fingerless Mitts

Students will learn the color techniques of tvåändsstickning, or twined knitting, a technique developed in Sweden in the 1600s, which creates a denser, warmer fabric structure than stranded knitting.  By knitting one of a pair of Fingerless Mittens, the student will gain knowledge and experience in the basics of twined knitting, while advancing to the three main […]