Crimson Maples Fair Isle Gloves Newly Released!

Finally, I am able to offer my newest pattern, Crimson Maples for sale!  This glove pattern is written for three sizes.  Learn more about these lovely gloves, originally published in TKGA’s Cast-On Magazine, on this page.

JUNE: A Tam class!

Hosted by, I will be teaching this virtual class on June 12 and 26. Each session is 3 hours long, a total of 6 hours for the full class.  There are two weeks between sessions to knit. Students will knit from my pattern “A Family Tam” (which comes in 4 sizes) with 4 colors. […]

Fair Isle Tams

This Fair Isle class is for knitters who would like to venture into two-color knitting but haven’t had the chance.  A small child’s tam comprised of ribbing, a border pattern area, and the wheel area will be knitted on double points or a circular needle, in four colors, although never more than two in a […]

Traditional Fair Isle Construction Techniques

The classic details and traditional construction of the Fair Isle sweaters will be taught in this two-day workshopthrough the circular knitting of a small cardigan. Techniques to be learned include choices of different corrugated ribbings, shaped and unshaped knitted steeks for two different armholes (shaped and drop shoulder), stranding and weaving, cutting steeks, picking up […]


The lovely knitting known as “Fair Isle” surfaced in the mid-1800s, in mittens, tams, and socks.  Vests and sweaters became popular in the early 1900s.  At first these small items were made of yarns the  color of the Shetland sheep and the local dyestuffs of the islands. As synthetic aniline dyes became available, the color […]